Process Management

Process Management and Development is a contractual fee based service. This service is designed to assist RVPs and near term RVPs Only as well as their office managers with the management of quality of business processes to ensure that Not Takens and Lapses are kept to a minimum.   In particular, this service is for those RVPs that feel they don’t have the aptitude or the time to properly mange this area of their business.  The details of this service are as follows:

  • Conduct weekly strategy sessions with the RVP
  • Facilitate two meetings per week with key leaders to review Lapses, Not Takens, Pending Business and Policy Master items.
  • Document, track and maintain a Lapsed, NTO and Policy Master action register to ensure that reinstatements, the reopening of NTO cases and missed payments are resolved in a timely manner
  • Provide strategic guidance to RVPs
  • Develop processes and tools when appropriate to facilitate the successful management of the pending business process
  • Provide the RVP with monthly quality of business summary data outside of what is currently collected and presented by Primerica to insure that appropriate decisions are made regarding the effectiveness of the baseshop
  • Help identify data integrity issues that are adversely affecting the RVP

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