Free Web Conference

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We provide a free 90 minute web/audio conference to any RVPs or near term RVPs that are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of quality of business.   The Web Conference topics include:

  • How to protect and preserve your QBI
  • How to resolve or avoid Persistency and Taken Rate issues
  • Market Segment Statistics on the 5 pointer market place within the Hispanic, Caucasian, and African American communities
  • Dispelling the myths about quality of business
  • Explaining the math behind QBI, Taken Rate and Persistency
  • How implementing tighter processes will improve your cash flow 
  • How to effectively utilize Primerica Tools such as Daily Blast, Life Manger and the Policy Master Activity Report 
  • An overview of processes, tools and services developed by Decko Enterprises, LLC that assist agents in managing their quality of business more effectively

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