One-on-One Consulting

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One on One Consultations are designed to primarily address the quantitative aspects of quality of business while reinforcing the qualitative practices.  Consultations are available on an as needed basis or on a contractual basis.  Single sessions are 90 minutes in duration.  If contractual, meetings occur once a week with the RVP or near term RVP for 60 minutes per session.  This service was designed to do the following:

  • Provide RVPs and near term RVPs with individualized 6 month game plans that outline the quantitative goals that the representative and their base shop should meet in order to improve their QBI, Taken Rate and Persistency on a month to month basis.  Examples of such goals might be informing the representatives of specifically 1) How many new submitted applications are required for a particular month. 2) The maximum number of Not Takens they can afford to have for a particular month. 3) The maximum number of lapses they can afford to have for a particular month.  4) How many cases must get placed in a particular month.
  • Provide weekly and monthly guidance on how to resolve challenging or problem cases in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Assist with solutions to ending negative trends in their QBI, Taken Rate and Persistency.
  • Provide guidance on how to implement processes designed by to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of timely policy issuance.
  • Provide extensive training on avoidance of quality of business "pitfalls".
  • Provide guidance in the use of backend numbers on the 17 month detail to set front end monthly goals.

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